Keel Comms is the first and only purpose-driven PR, Social Media & Content agency in the MENA region, designed to create shared value in everything we do.
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Are you a business, government entity, SME, startup or individual looking for PR or personal branding?

We get you featured in top-tier media channels locally and regionally. But picking apples off the lower branches is easy—if you’re ready, perhaps it’s time you took your PR international. With the right content, no media channel on earth is beyond our reach.

"EPIC" PR & Communications

The EPIC qualities of our communications aim to raise awareness, build thought leadership, enhance stakeholder value, achieve differentiation, generate qualified leads, improve engagement, and turn employees into brand ambassadors.

We deliver PR & Communications that is:

We rely on our extensive knowledge in various topics and sectors, B2B and B2C. In addition to your brief, we conduct our own research and include facts and figures to further establish credibility and back up your marketing claims.

We often write for Google. The best digital content is often fresh and consists of the right words, short paragraphs, sentences and bullet points.

We use proper wording, grammar and simplified jargon, as well as appropriate punctuation, alignment and capitalization.

We follow your unique brand voice and make it distinctly louder through consistent content.

We craft head-turning headlines and hook the audience with snappy introductions.

We keep abreast of current affairs, identifying and capitalizing on trending topics that match your views and opinions.

Unlock the power of media for business growth


  • Press releases, news articles
  • Thought leadership/opinion article (op-eds)
  • Feature articles
  • Interviews, Q&As
  • Infographics
  • Speeches
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Press conferences
  • Company profiles, vision and mission statements, values, corporate philosophies & ethos, sustainability vision, positioning statements, guiding principles
  • Biographies, backgrounds
  • Crisis communications
  • Internal communications (intranet, job descriptions, employee handbooks, announcements, newsletters)
  • Media training

Get featured in top-tier regional and international media

Whether we are bringing out the vision and human side of your businesses or profiling you as an avid futurist and social entrepreneur, purpose lies at the heart of everything we do.

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Keel Comms is MENA’s first and only purpose-driven PR, Social Media & Content agency. Founded by a group of passionate publicists with an unshakeable belief that Purpose Relations is the new Public Relations, Keel is designed to create shared value in everything we do.

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