Keel Comms is the first and only purpose-driven PR, Social Media & Content agency in the MENA region, designed to create shared value in everything we do.
Influencer Leadership & Marketing
Thought leadership that breeds distinction

Creators of NextGen influencers, cultivating a purposeful maker culture

Who we serve

Are you a nano-influencer (1K– 10K followers), micro-influencer (10K – 50K), mid-tier influencer (50K – 500K), macro-influencer (500K – 1m), mega-influencer (1m+), social media star or internet celebrity seeking to boost your influence?

We enhance your profile by instilling thought leadership in your content pillars, enabling you to become a spokesperson representing reputable brands.

"EPIC" Influencer Leadership & Marketing

We take influencers on an EPIC journey to the height of their influence, enriching their content, enhancing their image, bringing purpose and thought leadership into their careers, multiplying their followers and making them uniquely prominent to land bigger, longer-term collaborations.

We support influencers by:

We empower influencers to be more than just pretty faces or funny personalities, to become thought leaders and contributors of meaningful content, fresh thinking and insights into topics they like.

We bring purpose into influencers’ lives and help them identify and support social causes close to their hearts, consequently enabling them to relay purpose to their followers, be known as change agents who inspire their online and offline communities by sending the elevator back down to lift others.

We help influencers realize their full potential, from being featured in mainstream publications to truly becoming brand ambassadors and spokespeople. 

We mark influencers out as distinguished personalities and help them maintain unique brand personas through the highs and lows of their social media journeys.

After we’ve established their profiles, we secure commercial opportunities by matching influencers with brands that share the same values.

Laying a thought leadership foundation, bringing stability and longevity to influencers’ careers


Caption subscription:
Submit your photo or video, and your brief/keywords, and receive 3 caption options within an hour

Content strategy:

  • Research and analysis of current content
  • Target audience mapping
  • Content distribution plan and channel selection
  • LinkedIn profile creation and management
  • Tone of voice
  • Topics of interest/content pillars
  • Identification of a social cause to commit to


  • Scripts for thought leadership videos
  • Briefings and talking points for interviews and events
  • Speeches at events
  • Captions and comments

Securing opportunities to be featured in newspapers, magazines, TVs, events

Crisis management:
Suffered from a major drawback? We’re here to put you back on an even keel!

Our vision is to transform the global influencer landscape by infusing a growth mindset where intellect and purpose are simply on par with looks and comedy.

Our mission is to take ‘influence’ to a whole new level through meaningful content with a unified purpose across the influencer community.

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Keel Comms is MENA’s first and only purpose-driven PR, Social Media & Content agency. Founded by a group of passionate publicists with an unshakeable belief that Purpose Relations is the new Public Relations, Keel is designed to create shared value in everything we do.

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